An ambition that sparkles!

Behind this La Griff’ collection are a brother and a sister for whom being winegrowers was obvious.

Their challenge:

Maintain a strong family history while adding their own touch to it!

A family story

We come from a long line of winegrowers of which we proudly represent the 11th generation .

Very attached to our land, it is obvious that we decided to join our father Denis to perpetuate the family history begun in 1740.

We represent this new generation of winegrowers rich in know-how and who wish to build the champagnes of tomorrow.

We work every day while respecting our history and the work of our ancestors.

We hope to be able to enrich this story by bringing to it the open-mindedness acquired through our various courses and travels.

A complementary team

Our different profiles allow for perfect complementarity.


“I am a lover of nature, but also rigorous and independent. It was therefore very natural that I turned to working in the vineyard.”


“My desire to always go further, my good humor and my touch of madness pushed me to take charge of commercial development and operational communication.”

It is from this desire to bring our contemporary and creative touch that the La Griff’ collection was born ! All this under the experienced eye of our father… the succession is assured!

The “La Griff’” spirit

The La Griff’ collection is a tribute to our terroir of birth and complements the existing range of Maison Serge Rafflin. We want to continue the family tradition by bringing our “touch” to it.

This desire explains the logo which evokes not only the two “F” of the family name “Rafflin” symbolized by two vine frames and their binding wire but also the personal touch brought by the grandchildren by these signature vintages.

Beyond the three traditional grape varieties, these champagnes contain part of the terroir of the Montagne de Reims as well as the soul of the different ancestors who made this new adventure possible.

We want to discover Champagne in a new light, to challenge ourselves to produce ever more quality wines.

With La Griff’, we want to go further by adapting to consumption patterns while remaining qualitative.